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A philanthropic-focused professional development and skills building platform, ViableImpact provides our students with the opportunity to strengthen their skills through real, project-based work for various non-profit organizations who need assistance in a wide range of areas



These services, deemed “concentrations,” are organized in the following areas: data analysis, web development, content creation and marketing strategy/analytics. Our students will work as a team within their concentrations to assist these organizations throughout the duration of our program, with the goal of simulating remote client-based work, deepen and diversify their skillset, expand their professional networks and to give back to our community, all from the confines of their home. All work will be supervised and supported by ViableEdu staff to ensure clear communication, streamlined processes and the delivery of a high-quality product.


Our Partners



If you are affiliated with or know of an organization that could use the help of our students, please reach out to Joel Brown-Christenson (joel@viablemkts.com).