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ViableEdu Alumni

We make fintech education accessible to anyone

Our alumni come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences

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From Our Alumni

Abigail Ndikum

Yale University '24

“ViableEdu proved vital in my personal development, as it opened my eyes to the immense power of financial markets and how I can utilize this power to create opportunities as a change-maker.”

Eamon Garrity-Rokous

Williams College '24

“ViableEdu was my first real experience at getting deliverables done and submitted by a deadline outside of the classroom… In an economics class, you never really get to see some of the tangible, behind-the-scenes work going on in the economy at a small or big business.”

Larkin Ison III

Princeton University '23

“ViableEdu educates in a way that not only brings confidence in the understanding of the financial market industry, but also confidence in knowing you have the capability to create positive change and long-lasting solutions for the betterment of others.”

Olivia Elliot

Tulane University '24

"ViableEdu taught me how to apply what I've learned to current events, my other studies, and my personal life, gaining a more holistic view of finance. I'm looking forward to bringing what I've learned to my future professional experiences and continuing to build upon my knowledge."

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