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What is ViableEdu

ViableEdu is a virtual learning platform that partners with companies, nonprofits, universities and government entities to educate and train individuals interested in the foundations and applications of finance with a particular focus on fintech.

Bridging the gap between Wall Street and the future leaders that will change it.

What do we offer?

ViableEduâ„¢ is a financial education and professional development platform dedicated to democratizing capital markets knowledge through customizable programming.


Interested in Partnering?

We partner with for-profit entities that sponsor customized educational and professional development programs for underrepresented communities of individuals eager to pursue a career or deepen their knowledge in finance


Interested in Joining the Program?

We offer a series of remote learning and professional development program with a fintech-focused curricula with the goal of incorporating equity, sustainability, and diversity into the financial and technology space.

Curriculum Offerings

Foundational Learning

Students build a strong foundation of knowledge by learning the basics of financial markets, technology, and market structure. This curriculum is used in our ViableEdu Fintech Apprenticeship Program.

Personal Finance

Students learn the basics and applications of personal finance, taxes, budgeting, and credit.

Developmental Learning

Attendees improve their depth of understanding by examining the workflows of key financial systems and the mechanics of key products.

Specialized Learning

Attendees master complex concepts related to market systems and technology that can be leveraged for optimizing innovation strategy.

Learn more about our comprehensive curriculum here



Meet Your Lead Instructor


Chris White

My approach to teaching about finance and technology is to make it relatable to everyday life. This way my students can grasp the concepts, mechanics, and theories through their own personal experiences. The best part about teaching the ViableEdu curriculum is witnessing the transformation of the student from learning the basics to formulating their own ideas about disruptive technology solutions. 

Contact Us 

Questions about partnerships, the fintech apprenticeship program, or curriculum? Reach out to us!