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Our Team

Our Team

Chris White, Lead Instructor

In my 24-year career in financial services, I’ve been fortunate to work for one of the most successful fixed-income fintech companies in the world (MarketAxess) as well as several major financial institutions (Barclays and Goldman Sachs). Despite having different roles throughout the years, my work has always been primarily focused on market structure, technology, and innovation. 

About 10 years ago, I built a curriculum to help people bridge the gap between traditional finance and fintech. Since that time I’ve led hundreds of seminars and workshops for major educational institutions (Columbia Business School, Fordham Business School, Brown University), industry conferences, companies, and high schools. 

My approach to teaching about finance and technology is to make it relatable to everyday life. This way my students can grasp the concepts, mechanics, and theories through their own personal experiences. The best part about teaching the ViableEdu curriculum is witnessing the transformation of the student from learning the basics to formulating their own ideas about disruptive technology solutions. 

Joel Brown-Christenson, Program Director

Over my six-year career, I have been primarily focused on business development, relationship management, and client support.

My career began in 2014 when Income Research + Management, a buy-side fixed income asset management firm in Boston, gave a 21-year-old kid a shot in their Client Service department. Over my five years at IR+M, I strengthened my relationship management skills and became involved in our business development and project management effort. In 2019, I made the jump to the fintech startup space and landed a business development and content creation role at BondCliQ, led by CEO and our ViableEdu lead instructor, Chris White.

As COVID-19 hit, Chris and I began brainstorming creative ways to elevate the educational and professional opportunities of college-aged students, who continue to face substantial obstacles due to the pandemic. Following a 100% remote summer internship with 21 incredible ViableMkts interns, we were inspired to move forward on this idea and laid the groundwork for what is now ViableEdu: a fintech-based remote learning program built on live synchronous learning and professional development.

As ViableEdu’s Program Director, I hope to cultivate entrepreneurial leadership, disruptive thought, and innovative ideas to create a more inclusive, efficient, and equitable future for the financial world.

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