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Our partnerships offer exciting opportunities to access fintech education

Our Partners




Government Entities


We partner with companies, nonprofits, educational institutions and government entities to educate and train individuals interested in the foundations and applications of finance with a particular focus on fintech.
In addition, we engage with for-profit entities that sponsor customized educational and professional development programs for underrepresented communities of individuals eager to pursue a career or deepen their knowledge in finance.


We've found that going virtual increases the accessibility of financial education and training for individuals that may not have had these opportunities prior

Sponsoring entities not only enjoy a strong marketing opportunity and create an immediate impact on the access of financial literacy and fintech education, but have the opportunity to customize their program to fit their hiring needs and identify talent directly out of the candidate pool being educated

ViableEdu uses this sponsorship-based financial model to allow for free education for all students that come through our programs, further dismantling the socioeconomic, geographic and demographic barriers that have hampered the industry to date

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