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ViableEdu offers a customizable curriculum for foundational, personal, developmental, and specialized learning.

Learning Segments

Foundational Learning

Students build a strong foundation of knowledge by learning the basics of financial markets, technology, and market structure. This curriculum is used in our ViableEdu Fintech Apprenticeship Program.


  • Demystifying Wall Street

  • Mechanics of Sales & Trading

  • Market Structure Mechanics

  • Fundamentals of eTrading

  • New Financial Technology

  • Digital Asset Market Structure & Technology

  • Starting a Startup

  • Mechanics of Innovation

  • How to Get a Job in Finance


    Personal Learning

    Students learn the basics and applications of personal finance, taxes, budgeting, and credit.


  • Career & Income

  • Income Tax

  • Banking

  • Spending & Budgeting

  • Using Credit

  • Saving & Investing

  • Home Finance

  • Protecting & Insuring


    Developmental Learning

    Attendees improve their depth of understanding by examining the workflows of key financial systems and the mechanics of key products.


  • Introduction to Capital Markets Fintech

  • Introduction to ESG Investing

  • Mechanics of an Electronic Order Book

  • Mechanics of Asset Management

  • Mechanics of Broker-Dealers

  • Electronic Trading in Fixed Income

  • Advanced Electronic Trading Mechanics

  • Demystifying Central Banking

  • Institutional Digital Asset Market Development

  • Mechanics of Exchange Traded Funds

  • Impact of Regulation on Market Development


    Specialized Learning

    Attendees master complex concepts related to market systems and technology that can be leveraged for optimizing innovation strategy.


  • Optimizing Buy-Side Fixed Income Trading Tech

  • Optimizing Sell-Side Fixed Income Trading Tech

  • Fixed Income User Profiles

  • Disruptive Technology Sales Strategy

  • Corruption as Culture

  • Racial Inequality in Finance

  • Adaptive Market Theory

  • Innovator’s Dilemma