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Our Curriculum

ViableEdu Fintech Apprentice Program

Course Description

ViableEdu Fintech Apprentice Program features a proprietary curriculum designed by BondCliQ and ViableMkts CEO Chris White. The course is a comprehensive study of the mechanics of financial market systems and the role that technology plays in market development. The program is an interactive seminar comprised of individual modules that leverage animated presentation materials and demonstrations to articulate key concepts. Our eight-week program has approximately 10 to 14 hours of virtual engagement per week. Participants in the ViableEdu Fintech Apprentice Program will develop a deeper understanding of why markets work and how technology can be used to modernize and optimize financial market systems. Through this course, students will:

Understand critical market concepts (ex: Liquidity)

Examine the history of financial market evolution

De-construct the key elements that influence market development

Master the mechanics of electronic trading

Course Content

Fundamentals: Introduction to Finance

Advanced: Technology, Systems, and Workflow

Fundamentals: How Do Markets and Liquidity Work?

Advanced: Identifying the underlying elements that control market structure

Fundamentals: The Basics of Electronic Trading, Electronic Order Book Mechanics, and Fixed Income Electronic Trading

Advanced: How do HFT and Algorithmic Trading Work?

Fundamentals: What is Alternative Data and How Does It Work?

Advanced: The New Generation (Smart Desktop, Automation, ESG)

Fundamentals: Mechanics of Digital Asset Markets

Advanced: Applying Digital Asset Technology to Financial Markets

Fundamentals: DeMystifying Startups

Advanced: BondCliQ Investor Pitch

Fundamentals: Crossing the Chasm Part 1

Advanced: Crossing the Chasm Part 2

Commencement: Present Podcast Launch Plan and Feedback